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Funny excuses to get out of a date I Am Wanting Couples

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Funny excuses to get out of a date

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Dating is lame. I have to find the second sock that went missing in the laundry even though I don't really need it and never liked it in the first place.

I have no underwear left because I haven't done my laundry in over a month and I don't have time to go shopping for new underwear. I saw my ex's new girlfriend and she's not that pretty so I don't really need to be dating.

bimini escorts I can't stop thinking about the fact that baby carrots are lies. Time to get truly creative. The first choice of date-shirkers everywhere, nothing is more likely to guarantee a get-out clause more effectively than explosive diarrhea or projectile vomiting.

Ebola dats be going a step too far, however! Great for blind or first dates, expose the bigot in your potential date by hitting them with this line.

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Guaranteed to work on the guys, ladies. A strong getting out excuse that has the added bonus of making you look cheap, desperate, and unlikely to get a call.

Stop answering your phone until after the date and then use this excuse, if at all possible. Works like a charm. This one is sure to put the brakes on any budding relationship. This is one stone cold lie of an excuse, but what comeback is there?

Instant result, with minimum fuss. So what can you do? Below is what Twitter would say to get out of a really bad date.

funyn But hey, you got to do what you got to do! What excuse would you make? I'm on the search of the ultimate toothbrush.

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